The Japanese AV Girls – Who are They?

The Japanese AV Girls – Who are They?

Japan, the land of the rising sun, is not only known for Robotic Technology and Manga but also the Japanese AV (Adult Video) industry or simply JAV. 


More beautiful young women are recruited to boost the industry and opens opportunities to create fetish products like sex toys, masturbators, and cosplay outfits showing the idols as brand ambassadors.


The JAV industry is estimated to be worth 20 – 40% of the sales all over Asia in recent years but Japan’s Government legalized the sex industry but banned prostitution, that is why young women are stepping into this field and try their luck to be superstars. 


Jap AV Idols by


Unlike other Asian countries, Japanese porn is 100 % real and hundreds of videos are released every day, and 20 out of 100 Jap AV girls are popular actresses. 


The idols themselves are allowed to have a stage name and they can even change it 10 times. They mostly hide their real name since most of the videos are shot in a realistic scenario or done in the spot. 


The industry itself requires a lot of requirements and tough regimens that the JAP girls need to undergo hard work in order to achieve a sexy body and perfection in every scene.


image of shoko takahashi by horny singapore


One of the popular idols, Shoko Takahashi is best known as a swimsuit model in Japan undergoes a strict intermittent fasting diet and swimming. Currently, she is balancing her model career and JAP AV gigs the whole day and party at night as a DJ at infamous Tokyo nightclubs. 


Facts About the Idols and Their Fans


  • In Japan, fans love to collect goodies and photos like baseball cards in America
  • The fans too bold and they love to express their support through t-shirts and other sources like sex toys and sexy outfits.
  • Another interesting fact is the adaptation of virtual reality and AI. The adult video industry is constantly evolving and fans love to dispense a lot of money just to get a realistic interaction of their favourite idol through virtual reality.  


Jap AV Idols by jav fandom


In my own opinion, Japanese AV girls are freaking hot and I highly recommend watching Japanese porn in your own free time. They have a cute face, a mannequin duplicate body, and the most gorgeous pair of breasts in the world. Their super-soft boobs are natural and not fake which is why they garnered a lot of fans that are happy to fantasize about them all day. 


Some of my Top picks Below :


  • Shunka Ayami
  • Maria Nagai
  • Mao Hamasaki
  • Tsubasa Amami
  • Hana Haruna
  • Nanami Matsumoto
  • Aoi Kururugi
  • Minori Hatsune
  • Erika Kitagawa
  • Marina Shiraishi


People all over the world love to watch porn especially men, and Japanese Porn is not an exception, AV Girls are not only getting coverage from Japan but worldwide. When it comes to sucking dicks and getting their hairy pussy wet, they can be hardcore in pummeling you in bed.

Maicah Lee

Maicah Lee is a sex-positive author, sex toy reviewer of Luv and Play, and sexy model with substance, and style. Maica is also a part-time writer at - Singapore's biggest online sex toy shop that sells high-quality brands from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and more. I review products and base them on my experience.

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