Tenga Egg Review: Our Opinion on the Japanese Sex Toy

Tenga Egg Review: Our Opinion on the Japanese Sex Toy

Tenga Egg baskets


Tenga, in Japanese, means elegance and righteousness, usually applied to the kimono. However, in the world of adult toys, Tenga has a different connotation. The Japanese Tenga sex toy equates with pleasure. The company’s website describes its products as a revolution in male pleasure. Take the ubiquitous and most affordable Tenga standard egg masturbator for men, for instance. Does it satisfy? Read this article and our take on it.



The shape and size of it

When you think of male sex toys you are reminded of Fleshlight and Onaholes, which resemble vaginas. The Tenga sex toy is egg-shaped, made of soft polymer, often textured to enhance pleasure. The standard Tenga has spirals and ribs. These are supposed to deliver exquisite sensations whether you do the usual to and fro motion or twist, rotate, and corkscrew. The material appears to be silicone and it is soft as well as elastic. You have a hard plastic container that will help to retain the soft rubber’s egg shape. This is just one type. You can, of course, buy a dozen or more different types of Tenga eggs.



Easy to use

As part of this Tenga egg review, we got down to using a standard egg. It is just a matter of a couple of seconds to open the case, apply lube and get going. We found that it is not necessary to apply all of the included lube at once. You can apply some to your dick, some lube inside, and save some. Here is where the stretchable quality of the egg comes into play along with the spiral grooves and ribs. As you stretch it, twist it, turn it or slide it, the stretchy spirals and ribs excite nerve endings and send jolts of exquisite sensations up to your brain. The focus of the Tenga is on exciting the frenulum and the glans rim, which is not a bad thing, considering these are the most sensitive areas. However, if you are one of those guys who like the lower part of the shaft to be gripped then you are better off with a woman or a Fleshlight or Onahole.


tenga in a case by Tenga


You can ejaculate inside the egg but that makes a mess. It is best to pull out and do it in a tissue.  Cleaning the egg is easy. Simply turn it inside out. Use soap solution, rinse, pat it dry with a paper towel, and sprinkle some powder.


Our take: All in all, the experience was a delight. It might encourage us to explore other types of Tenga sex toys, especially the variety of eggs.

Durability is an issue. These eggs are not designed to last forever. You may see the rubber tear and crack which means it is time to get another Tenga egg or graduate to something hardcore. Tenga actually recommends only one-time use but with care, you can use it a couple of times.


Would you recommend it?

Would we recommend it? A lot of male customers from Horny.sg say that is certainly worth a try. In general, It is the most discreet and versatile sex toy that you can carry around and it needs no electricity except hand power.

Maicah Lee

Maicah Lee is a sex-positive author, sex toy reviewer of Luv and Play, and sexy model with substance, and style. Maica is also a part-time writer at Horny.sg - Singapore's biggest online sex toy shop that sells high-quality brands from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and more. I review products and base them on my experience.

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