Pepee Japan – Sp Back Door Thick Water Based Lubricant 50ml


Sp Back Door Thick Water Based Lubricant 50ml

Color: Clear

Condom safe: Yes

Functions: Anal Lubricant

FI Oz./mL: 50ml

Lubricant type: Water-based

Country of Origin: Japan


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The SP Back Door Lubricant!

Popular number one anal lotion “Pepe SP back door”. It is a renovation with more convenience as it is evolving. A special lubricant made for the best Back door experience! If you’re feeling intimidated about the back door experience, This is the lube for you! Feel the comfort and satisfy your pleasures at the same time! Made with high quality products, This water based lubricant is safe and easy to apply!

What is most important in anal play is “suitable lubricity” and “viscosity sustainability” is not it?
Although it is a previous work that had them at a high level, this time I blended Azulen (※) there.
Also adopted a one-touch cap, it has been making that without stress can be used.

Paper SP back door with high viscosity, excellent sustainability and lubricity. It is one of the lotions to keep if you enjoy anal play.

Exterior size: 122 x 46 x 30 mm


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