Beginner’s Advice: Popular Sex Toys Designed for Men (Newbie or Expert) 

Beginner’s Advice: Popular Sex Toys Designed for Men (Newbie or Expert)

Adult toy products designed for men are not very common and as diverse as those made for women, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of options for men to enjoy pleasure time!

Below are some of the popular toys designed for men, whether straight or gay, guys can definitely experiment.


Cock Rings


Cock Rings - Luv and Play


Cock rings are designed to be used with a partner, as the name suggests, but more custom for men in creating a longer and stronger erection. 


Best-selling cock rings are often made of silicone, but new ones in the market are made with leather, rubber, glass, and metal. 


Placed around the base of your penis – during sex, it gently restricts blood flow to make erections long-lasting and effectively delay ejaculation making sex more intense. 


On its own can be fun, but brands such as Lelo and Fun Factory – have added vibrations to stimulate the perineum and remote play using a smartphone app. Remote play gives you the liberty to play anywhere in the room either in a short or long distance. Technology nowadays is getting wilder!



Male Masturbators or Sleeves

The Male masturbator’s sales have absolutely blown up in the past eight years as more men discover ways to improve masturbation from a weirdly wonderful partner. 


male masturbators - luv and-= play


The majority of men are more comfortable purchasing them more and mostly on the internet, and we think it’s simply because masturbators give them more ultimate sexual satisfaction than just the hand. 


Nowadays, Masturbators have evolved and have been adapting to technology to keep up with the growing trend, and that trend is 3D cybersex or porn. The one such innovation is the Sextech, where pleasure products are moving to smartphone integrations and auto-stroking features.  


Where once a masturbater was something you’d just use to jerk off, Sextech toys like Lelo F1s use sonic pulses that resonate within your penis and provides real-time performance feedback on your sexual performance and penis size. 


Another popular brand that has adapted to the sex toy trend is Tenga’s Onacup Masturbators – simply designed to simulate the sensation of deep throat oral sex, essentially a more satisfying blowjob. 


Butt Plugs



For guys reading this article, don’t be surprised! Butt plugs are not just for women but for any gender as well. Generally speaking, they are designed to stay inserted into your rectum while masturbating, having couple sex, or even walking around the road if you’re doing a crazy YouTube video. 


Butt plugs also come with a flared base which is essential in preventing injuries from your body’s natural reflexes. 


Most plugs are made of everything from silicone to glass to wood, but brands like Lovense, go an extra mile by adding remote control and smartphone features making it more flexible when you travel. 


Prostate Massagers


prostate-massagers -luv and play


It’s no secret that prostate stimulation is enjoyed by most men – after all, intense pleasure as what every guy is hoping to achieve!  


While prostate massagers can be done with your fingers or butt plugs (depending on their size), vibrations can make it easier during solo sex and partner play.  


BRUNO is what we recommend in our catalog – has a dual-motor vibrator that is curved perfectly giving your hands-free stimulation. Guys deserve the best of all orgasms that are deeper, longer, and more satisfying. 


If you want to go remote, we recommend its remote-controlled counterpart HUGO, giving your partner full control of your penis. 


Penis Pumps / Enlargers

Looking for a toy that will increase your girth size? Have no fear, a Penis pump is here to save your day. A unique sex toy for men designed to maximize the girth and the length of a man’s erection.



Penis pumps come in cylinder tubes with a pump attached. The secret of the toy is the cylinder, it creates a strong vacuum suction effect causing the penis to expand when pumped. If you’re not comfortable using a penis pump – pills, creams, clamps, and cock rings. 

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Maicah Lee

Maicah Lee is a sex-positive author, sex toy reviewer of Luv and Play, and sexy model with substance, and style. Maica is also a part-time writer at - Singapore's biggest online sex toy shop that sells high-quality brands from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and more. I review products and base them on my experience.

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