Lovense Remote App: Tips and Usage

Lovense Remote App: Tips and Usage

Introducing Lovense! One of the best brands where you can get awesome high technology sex toys! If you’re familiar with these toys you know how awesome they are! But if you’re not, before reading this article let me walk you through what Lovense is! 

What is Lovense?

Lovense is one of the top brands where you can buy unique sex toys. They offer toys that are different from others because of their chic designs, their great packaging, and most of all, Their high technology features in each product. This brings us to our main topic, Which is talking about tips on how you can use your toy better. Also by reading this article you’ll be getting to know your favorite toy. 

How to use your Remote App

What I can tell you about the Lovense Remote App Guide is that it’s very unique and easy to use. Lovense came up with an application system called the “Lovense Remote App”, Wherein you can connect your favorite Lovense toy using your smartphone or computer! It sounds technical I know, But don’t worry because all you have to do is download the application through the App Store or Google Play and you’re good to go! The application is very easy to understand. It will show you different sections of the app where you can see your toy connected, the vibrations and patterns are also available for your enjoyment and the best thing is it has a remote control where you can use your toy to your personal preference. You can also connect it to Bluetooth by the way! Sounds easy right? But that’s not all, The fun will continue with long-distance relationships!

A Long distant relationship is one of the barriers where you can get intimate with your special someone. Don’t think about the distance because all that can be changed! What if I told you that your partner can control your toy for you from a distance! Sounds amazing right? All you have to do is to tell your partner to download the app as well. The next step is to add each other as friends and boom! That person can give you pleasure from afar. The person controlling you can decide which vibration patterns they can give you or even control the vibrations using the traditional remote they can use in the app. Talk about spicing up your Long distance relationship!

Tips and Tricks!

Some of the Lovense App Tips that I can give you for an amazing experience are these:

1.) Sync your favorite music to your app and let your toy control you!

2.) Access unlimited vibration patterns and look for your favorite one!

3.) Video chat with your partner while doing it!

4.) Get the best Lovense sex toy for a great experience! 

5.) Use the traditional remote control found in the app!

Well by now I bet you’re wanting to get your own! Have fun and enjoy the time of your life! 


Maicah Lee

Maicah Lee is a sex-positive author, sex toy reviewer of Luv and Play, and sexy model with substance, and style. Maica is also a part-time writer at - Singapore's biggest online sex toy shop that sells high-quality brands from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and more. I review products and base them on my experience.

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