Have Fun But Also Take Care of your Sex Toys

Have Fun But Also Take Care of your Sex Toys

Sex toys are the pathways to pleasure. You can use them on your own. Women have choices by way of vibrators and dildos in a variety of types and sizes to vary your pleasure level. Men can pick from a selection of Fleshlight, Onahole, Tenga, Masturbators, cock rings, and sex dolls that are so easy to source in a confidential way from Singapore supplier of sex toys. However, your little friends also need total loving care to keep you happy. Here is how you can take care to keep your favorite sex toys clean. 

Know the material

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You can buy sex toys made from a variety of materials. Knowing the material is the key to proper cleaning to ensure hygiene and highest sanitary standards. Most sex toys are made from: 

  • ABS, PVC – polymer plastic material
  • Silicone – synthetic rubber
  • Metal
  • Glass 
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Porous rubber

Some toys include a built in motor and that means you have to be extra careful while cleaning such sex toys. When you use lubes, gel or oil based, you need to be more particular. 

Glass, ceramic, wood, metal toys

Glass, ceramic and metal are impervious, non-porous materials. This means you can use soap and water after letting the toys soak in the soap solution for a while. Using hot water or even boiling for a couple of minutes is not a bad idea to sterilize the toys. With wood you have to be more careful. If it has a lacquer then you may not use alcohol or solvents that can dissolve the lacquer. You may use soap and water and even boil the toy.  However, be careful about boiling glass and ceramic – these materials can crack. 


Rubber can be porous. Besides, after some use you are likely to notice fine cracks and pits that are difficult to clean simply by soaking in soap solution. You will need a brush with fine bristles to clean the rubber toys after soaking in a mix of soap solution and antiseptic like Dettol. Dry and then dust with powder. Please never use solvents to clean rubber since rubber can absorb such solvents. 


Choose silicone toys. Most silicone material is impervious and has a smooth surface finish, making it easy to keep the toy clean. Boil in water for a minute or so. If that is too harsh you can use Dettol antiseptic or spirit to clean the toy, especially if you have used lube with it. Then, soak in soap solution and give it a thorough brush. Rinse and dry. 


ABS and PVC are thermopolymer plastic materials. You cannot boil them since they will soften and deform. You have to be careful about using solvents since these solvents can dissolve plastics. Spirit or alcohol can be used to disinfect the toy. You can just as well use strong soap solution with no adverse effects. . 

The best time to clean your sex toys is right after you use them. Letting the lube stay on the toy or bodily fluids dry means you will have to put in extra efforts. 

Maicah Lee

Maicah Lee is a sex-positive author, sex toy reviewer of Luv and Play, and sexy model with substance, and style. Maica is also a part-time writer at Horny.sg - Singapore's biggest online sex toy shop that sells high-quality brands from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and more. I review products and base them on my experience.

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