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About Luv and Play

Luv and Play is a pleasure magazine project by Horny.sg. We are here to promote sexual well-being and happiness to you. We are proud to help you give the best recommendations, reviews, and top picks from our advisers, author, and known gurus in Singapore and the world.

Our happiness is to improve your sexual health and make it easily understandable and available to everyone.  

Sex used to involve being confronted by pornography, steamy pop-ups, and click-baiting images that deceive you. It’s time to change things, and a new era of buyers has now embraced the internet to find solutions. 

What makes Luv and Play different?

All our content is curated and updated based on user demand and the evolving world of the sex industry. Keeping you up-to-date is our job. We might be selling sex toys here, so stay tuned!

Our Currently Proud Partners

We develop unique content such as advice and review the top, new, and recommended sexual well-being products for you. 

We have reviewed and teamed up with some of the most exciting brands in Asia to bring you sexual happiness. Here are just a few in our editorial line-up: