5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Own a Tenga Masturbators

5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Own a Tenga Masturbators

The controversial male masturbator is a balance between naughty and cool. It’s an essential sex toy each man should have in his bedroom. It has a delicate, flexible sleeve that slides over your junk to make masturbation feel much more enjoyable – they are commonly known as pocket pussy or fake vagina.

Masturbators are very simple to use. It’s just a basic matter of lubing it up, dropping the jeans, and sliding it onto an erect penis. Move it up and down to mimic a penis sliding all through a vagina.


tenga egg and iroha collection




If you have bought a Tenga masturbator, Congratulations! You have made a great decision and leveled up!


If not, why not? That is sad since you don’t have any idea what you’re missing! There’s a huge market out there for male sex toys. Everything you are looking for that suits your needs and desires is just a click away!


I know some people might say they’re anxious about using a masturbator in the room. Some feel embarrassed. Some think it’s simply strange.


Here’s my reply to each one of them – Never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with something that is harmless and makes you feel awesome. If it’s pleasurable, take the plunge! Ladies have been using vibrators and dildos for quite a long time, so why not men use sex toys?

Tenga Masturbators are one of the most popular Japanese sex toys for men and can be purchased online or in physical stores. What’s it worth if you could make your next climax twice as great or even 3x more? It worth each penny!




1. Avoid a brutal death grip.

No doubt, it’s a thing. What’s more, too many men do it. When jacking off, they squeeze excessively hard or go excessively quick. This decreases sensitivity after some time, possibly making it hard to climax with a partner.

Using quality masturbators rather than your firm grasp will kill this issue. You won’t need to worry about crushing your manhood to death any longer. A quality male sex toy is powerful. Stick with trustworthy brands and you’ll never have an issue.


2. Suction is the way to be!

That’s right! Numerous models offer a suction benefit, and some have user flexible settings. The sensation is like a sexy sucking blowjob. You can set it light or set it tight. If you like to blow your guy’s mind, let him use a masturbation toy and get down to business on him.


3. It feels real.

Not comparable to the real thing, yet closer than everything else. So what precisely does this mean? It feels more like a genuine vagina than everything else. The silicone has the perfect measure of delicate quality, impersonating a genuine pussy.

The masturbator invites the penis into its delicate, wet love tunnel every time. With a quality water-based lube, the measure of friction is perfect. Not all that much, not very little. It kneads the penis better than your hand ever could. And the fantastic finale? Totally out of this world! Listen for those hot sucking sounds while being used. Mmmm, pleasant.


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4. Diminished friction

How about we get real. Any man that says he never rubbed himself in any event once in his life, is lying. So how does a masturbator protect you from irritating your manhood?

A lot of lube and a gentler touch. Lube is required when using a masturbator, so this in itself is protection from irritating your manhood, just combine with a light touch.


5. You can warm it.

Using a cold toy blows. Most people would probably agree. If the masturbator is submersible, you can submerge it in warm water. This will get that silicone warmed up to the ideal heat level, and prepared for your manhood.

Keep in mind, Tenga is an incredible brand to add to any guy’s sex toy collection. Masturbators are ideal for beginners and sex toy experts alike.
Single or hitched. Solo or couple. Gay or straight. It does not matter. Masturbators are for every guy. All you need are a squirt of lube, plus up and down stroking movements, and you’re in for a great Funtime!

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